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DIMO Mobile is the best app for your car

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Made by drivers, for drivers

DIMO features are fueled by real data from tens of thousands of vehicles. Connect today, collect insights about your car, and be the first to access the mobility apps and services of tomorrow.

  • DIMO Rewards

    Start earning DIMO Rewards as soon as you sign up.

  • Multi-car connection

    Connect and stream data from all your vehicles in one app.

  • Car health diagnostics

    Get alerts on tire pressure, fuel and oil levels and battery health.

  • Keyless entry

    Lock and unlock your car and open the trunk (or frunk) remotely.

  • Privacy Protected GPS

    Set privacy zones around locations like your home and workplace

  • Open Vehicle ID

    Own a portable digital version of your car.

Join thousands of others on the DIMO network.

Connect your car, start collecting rewards. Available for free on iOS and Android.

DIMO Rewards

Download DIMO Mobile to get started.

If you already have an app for your car, like the Tesla, Toyota, or FordPass app, you can connect directly via DIMO Mobile. Or, if your car is model year 2008 or newer, connect via an easy, plug-in DIMO device.

  • Earn with DIMO devices

    Earn rewards by connecting your car via a DIMO device.

  • Earn with Your Car's App

    Earn rewards by connecting via your car's native app.

  • Earn by referring friends

    Refer friends with qualified vehicles for bonus Rewards.

Built-in privacy

Stealth mode: activated.

Any data collected by DIMO is fully encrypted in transit. Details around who you are, where you are, and how you drive are stored separately.

Enable privacy zones around specific locations (like the office and your neighborhood) if you ever want to turn off geolocation tracking.

The people-powered movement behind a new generation of mobility applications.

Our mission is to be the driving force behind the future of mobility: a future where devices and apps work for vehicle owners, not the companies that build them. When your car’s connected to DIMO, you’re driving change, too.

DIMO builds with some great organizations and open-source projects.

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