Vehicle Data, Decoded

OEMs have cut out device users and owners in order to collect their data while not making that data accessible. We're breaking down the silos around mobility data so developers can build the next generation of automotive and mobility projects on top of DIMO.

Open Vehicle Data is a Public Good - Let's Make More of It!

  • Contribute to making vehicle data more accessible
  • Earn DIMO Tokens and Badges to build your reputation
  • Establish tools and infrastructure for right-to-repair
Decode DBC's
Earn DIMO for Decoding DBCs
Other grants and rewards for contributors

A Modern Foundation for Mobility Applications

  • JS
  • Java
const StreamrClient = require('streamr-client')

const client = new StreamrClient({
    auth: {
        privateKey: 'YOUR-PRIVATE-KEY',

// Subscribe to a stream
    stream: 'dimo.eth/ice',
}, (message, metadata) => {
    // Do something with the message here!
AuthenticationMethod method = new EthereumAuthenticationMethod("YOUR-PRIVATE-KEY");
StreamrClient client = new StreamrClient(method);
Stream stream = client.getStream("dimo.eth/ice");

Subscription sub = client.subscribe(stream, new MessageHandler() {
    void onMessage(Subscription s, StreamMessage message) {
        // Here you can react to the latest message
  • Test your apps on every car by default
  • Trusted authenticated and cryptographically secure data
  • A modern tech stack for development

The [DIMO] Stack

DIMO dApps
Data Union
Open hardware
dTeams Governance
DIMO Smart Contracts
Distributed Ledger
DIMO Tokens
User NFT
Trip NFT
Device NFT
Distributed Storage

Deploy Apps in the Real World

Say no to vertical integration. Say yes to an ecosystem.
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Community App Templates

  • Smart Insurance Verify your customer's mileage
    to reduce premium leakage
  • P2P Vehicle Sharing Offer contactless rentals
    with digital car keys
  • Energy & Utilities Manage EV charging
    to balance electric grid load
  • Vehicle Financing Reduce friction with location
    and digital key sharing
  • Battery Intelligence Realtime ground-truth data
    on battery performance
Let's fix data-driven car insurance

Insurance companies have built black boxes that obscure calculations from drivers and can even incentivize unsafe driving. With DIMO you can build open, transparent insurance products that users can audit themselves and provide drivers their own copy of vehicle data to properly protect themselves in security and liability incidents. As AVs enter the world, insurance that uses data from specific ADAS systems and vehicles will be necessary, as well as transparency of scoring.

Build more inclusive and EV friendly shared mobility platforms

Cars are underutilized (driven <5% of the time). Carsharing & ride-hailing services are ripe for re-platforming as Web3 tooling improves. Car sharers and borrowers alike can have more ownership in these platforms via the governance models provided by crypto-powered networks. Fleet operators can utilize new fleet management solutions tailored to EVs. All can use DIMO data to access services more efficiently.

Let’s get the electric grid ready for EVs

A simple way to ease the transition is worth tens or hundreds of billions to the clean energy movement. Utilities can reward users by incentivizing charging behaviors based on local utility market conditions. DIMO hardware (and certain API connections) can provide this solution, by turning vehicles (and chargers) into <a href=”#”>DERs</a>.

Vehicle Value can and Should be Data-Driven

Automotive purchases and vehicle financing depend on the health and use history of a vehicle. With the rise of electric vehicles, where the residual value of a car is mainly determined by the health of the battery, this neutral, comprehensive, and authenticated vehicle usage and state data is more important than ever.

Realtime ground-truth data on battery performance

Hundreds of billions of dollars are being spent by automakers, battery OEMs, VCs, and others to improve and develop EV batteries. The entire industry is betting on batteries yet real-world performance data is nearly impossible to come by.

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