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DIMO gives you one account with full access to your car’s data so that you can benefit from an expanding set of services with one connection. Create a new account or connect with an existing account to get started—whether it’s your (FordPass app or the Tesla app store), our sign-up experience is designed to let you connect your car with ease and start earning.

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Collect data and rewards
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Maximize the value of your vehicle by taking control of your data

DIMO gives you one account with full access to your car’s data so that you can benefit from an expanding set of services with one connection. Create a new account or connect with an existing account to get started—whether it’s your (FordPass app or the Tesla app store), our sign-up experience is designed to let you connect your car with ease and start earning.

DIMO Hardware
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How earning works with DIMO

When you securely connect your car, and stream your data to our platform, you earn $DIMO tokens for the information your vehicle provides without changing your driving habits. And since $DIMO is the governance and utility token of the DIMO Network, you’ll get to participate in deciding what services we provide in the future and vote on how you want to see DIMO applications improve.

You get more with DIMO

Charging stations Charging stations
Trip Tracking Trip Tracking
Apps & Add-ons Apps & Add-ons
Rewards & Discounts Rewards & Discounts
Maintenance Alerts Maintenance Alerts
Vehicle Certifications Vehicle Certifications

Data sharing, today. Better mobility, tomorrow.

There are multiple trillion-dollar industries that can be reshaped by DIMO. In addition to building the most user-aligned, accessible, and secure IoT development platform, we’re incentivizing developers to build applications from data captured by our community. DIMO provides a platform to make vehicle ownership, shared mobility services, insurance, and finance more user-friendly.

Smart Insurance Smart Insurance
Energy & Utilities Energy & Utilities
Battery Intelligence Battery Intelligence
Vehicle Sharing Vehicle Sharing
Vehicle Financing Vehicle Financing