The DIMO Store is Reopening – Browse new accessories and swag
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DIMO Shop Reopening

September 19, 2022
Store Reopening Header

After a summer of navigating supply chains and building great features into the DIMO Mobile app, we’re excited to share the re-opening plan for the DIMO Shop. Let’s cover some updates and upgrades, the phases of reopening, and our new vision for the store.

First, let’s address the current state of preorders.

We’ve delivered over 1,000 preorders, approximately 20% of the total outstanding. Supply of new devices is now arriving consistently, and we’ve been ramping up fulfillment. There can always be unforeseen snags and delays with hardware – it’s just the nature of building something in the physical world, but we believe we are on solid ground and we expect to fulfill all preorders by the end of November, on schedule. Thank you everyone for your patience. 

The opening of the DIMO Shop will have two parts:

  • Part 1: Accessories and new products — September 21st: Accessories and some additional new products

  • Part 2: DIMO Devices back in stock — We are planning to open the store for DIMO Devices again in late October

What’s different about the DIMO Shop?

Before detailing the phases of reopening, let’s take a moment to digest some updates to the Shop. First off, you’ll probably notice an updated frontend that takes us off of the native Shopify themes and on to our own custom development. This custom frontend delivers a premium experience to customers and will set us up for some exciting features in the future as we bring on more categories of devices and manufacturers. 

Second, you’ll notice that we’re launching some new accessories in the store. Our vision for the DIMO Shop is to make it a hub for all kinds of devices and accessories that are compatible with DIMO. We’re building a one-stop-shop for all DIMO-integrated products. The store will eventually expand to include subscriptions and services that will further enrich the user experience of DIMO, but for now you can browse new accessories and eventually purchase more DIMO Devices. 

The DIMO Shop will be the IoT3 and automotive store of the future. The automotive world is at a major inflection point; EVs, connected vehicles, and autonomous driving systems will change the way we relate to vehicles forever. We intend to support the aftermarket technology that will help people get the most out of their cars, and the Shop will help us bring more robust recommendations through great hardware for cars. 

Now on to reopening…

Reopening the DIMO Shop

Part 1: Accessories and new products — September 21

As part of testing some functionality and improving the DIMO device experience for existing users, we are opening up the Shop with a few accessories and add-ons. Our early adopters have been fantastically resourceful in their installs, and with feedback from the community we are introducing some additional ways to make installing a DIMO Device easier.

You’ll find an assortment of OBD2 extension cables to fit your unique car’s requirements for installing and positioning a DIMO Device, as well as extra velcro to affix your device more easily. More importantly however, you’ll see two new categories of products: Antennas and Swag. 

The DIMO Data Miner Antenna is the first “add-on” to arrive in the DIMOverse, but we’ll soon have quite a few more. The antenna helps to improve the reliability of device connections over cellular networks and is a great add-on for anyone who may not live or drive in areas with great cell reception. We have a few more connectivity products coming to the store soon that we’re excited about, so be on the lookout for that in the coming months.

You’ll also find some swag in the store! We have super limited options now, but our community is so passionate about the project that we wanted to offer a few small items to help our early adopters share their love for DIMO. While the selection is small for now, we aim to expand our swag offerings with limited drops and more types of items in the store. 

Part 2: DIMO Devices back in stock - Late October

While we want to open the store for more DIMO Data Miner orders, we need to level-up manufacturing one more time. Devices are still coming in by the hundreds per week, but we need to get them coming in by the thousands to meet demand. There’s a clear path for this, but there can be hurdles along the way, so before we overpromise and underdeliver, we want to make sure we are going to receive devices in the quantity we need to fulfill orders.

We are aiming to fulfill within one month of ordering (or even faster), when we reopen, so we are setting the bar much higher than before. We’re appreciative for everyone’s enthusiasm for the project and we can’t wait to get devices flowing out of the store and into the real world. 

What's in store for the future of the Store?

The DIMO Shop will be an essential part of the future of the DIMO ecosystem. In the next 1-2 months we’ll share more about how the hardware ecosystem will evolve from just the DIMO x AutoPi devices to DIMO-compatible devices from other manufacturers, hardware that overlaps with other projects building physical networks, and even auto accessories that make for a better ownership experience. There are some big announcements coming soon in this category. 

Don’t forget, many modern cars can connect without a DIMO Device! If you download the DIMO Mobile app and add your car, the app will tell you what options you have for connecting your car. 


I still haven’t received the device I already ordered, where is it?

We wanted to thank everyone for their patience with the store. We provided a lot of information here: 

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Written by: Alex

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