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Macaron Mapping Challenge Wrap-Up

July 3, 2024


…stop your engines?

On June 30th, the Macaron Mapping Challenge officially came to a close and the leaderboards were locked.

The Macaron Mapping Challenge began on May 18th, and was a competition for drivers equipped with a Macaron hardware device to ping as many Helium IoT hotspots as possible. Every macaron was automatically entered into the contest as long as they pinged a minimum of 10 hotspots.

This sort of competition demonstrated the new types of games and social organization that are enabled by having a decentralized network of vehicle data. It also stress tested DePIN composability, with DIMO & Helium working together to give users novel and interesting web3 use cases that were not possible with the legacy automotive industry.

Commemorative NFTs for Top Mappers

Over 2,000 drivers will be receiving rewards soon based on their position on the leaderboards. Stay tuned to the Polygon address that your DIMO Mobile account is registered to for an airdrop of $DIMO tokens. Some of the top winners will also be receiving a commemorative NFT, designating how they performed in the competition.

Last but not least, a more extensive case study will be published later this month detailing even more notable stats and takeaways from the duration of the contest.

Interesting Stats

  • The winner of the global leaderboard led the pack with a mind-boggling 4,345 Helium hotspot pings. They are the lucky recipient of the 10,000 $DIMO global bonus. Additionally, they won a handful of city and state regions, bringing their total winnings up to 14,202 $DIMO.

  • During the competition, 6397 Macarons connected to hotspots in challenge areas. With a total of 7,587 Macarons on the network, that’s 84.3% of connected Macarons participating.

  • A whopping 81.54% of the Helium IoT network in the US, EU, and Canada was mapped by DIMO vehicles over the course of the challenge

  • The #1 most active hotspot during the challenge was located outside of Brussels, Belgium. It was pinged by 158 different Macarons.

  • The competition also gathered valuable data on the areas with a high concentration of Helium hotspots, and revealed the most active states.
    • California: 20,920 hotspots

    • New York: 14,415 hotspots

    • New Jersey: 10,512 hotspots

    • Ontario, Canada: 9,886 hotspots

    • Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany - 9,614 hotspots

DIMO co-founder Alex Rawitz also did some personal research on Helium network coverage, and published some takeaways on X.

Written by: Joe Bender Growth Marketer

Joe Bender is on the Growth team at DIMO and has spent 7 years in the web3 ecosystem. He gets excited by the idea of using decentralized networks to empower the end user, and loves checking the battery voltage on his aging 2008 Honda CR-V. Before DIMO, Joe spent 3 years at ConsenSys nurturing the early Ethereum ecosystem, and 3 years at Stacks helping to kickstart web3 on Bitcoin. He loves how blockchain has inspired a wave of digital creation, and some of his favorite NFTs are Chromie Squiggles, Cryptopunks, and Geometry Runners

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