[Project] Template: Automated Valet

[DIMO] was started around an idea for an initial [project]: building infrastructure to support automated parking applications. We’re open-sourcing some of the work we’ve done, and will continue to build on this [project] template over time.

Here’s a view of the existing [projects] we’re tracking, as well as a proposed project that we’d love to see built.

With a [DIMO] account you can see the graph visualization and load in new components to build your own implementation – just hit the “Launch Graph” Button and get started.

Here’s a breakdown of the components any automated valet [project] will need:

  1. You need to know the state of the garage. NVIDIA released a really cool POC project on this a few years ago:

2. Communicate with the vehicles to tell them where to go – there are plenty of existing dispatch systems and parking management applications that can fill this role. You’d also want some live monitoring service to be able to provide support if something went wrong while the vehicle was driving around empty.

3. Allow the user to recall their vehicle (ideally without downloading a new app). This requires an integration between the vehicle manufacturer (Ford, Tesla, GM, etc.) and the automated valet system.

Tesla Smart Summon is probably the closest to having this stack built:

…but they’re missing the hardest piece – the infrastructure!

We’re working on that part and will check back in soon.