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Monitor the data, health, and valuation of your Tesla

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DIMO Rewards

Vehicles are the third highest expense for most people. Your spend should be rewarded.

When you connect to DIMO and share your data or use DIMO marketplace apps you earn rewards, like an airline mile for your car. These reward points are in test now, but will soon live on the Polygon blockchain.

2021 Tesla Model Y 004 2400p

DIMO Ecosystem

Download the DIMO Mobile App, Access a Whole Ecosystem

Our ecosystem partners can help you save time and money, while also allowing you to earn additional DIMO rewards.

  • Tenet Icon 3


    You should pay a lower rate for your EV. Tenet helps you refinance and lower your monthly payment for driving electric.

  • Caribou Icon 3


    Gain access to the best rates when refinancing your Tesla, and earn additional DIMO rewards.

  • Lease End Icon 3

    Lease End

    Leases can be confusing. Lease End can help guide you at the end of your lease, and maximize the value of your Tesla.

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