Earn rewards by connecting your car to DIMO.

DIMO is a network of drivers like you who collect and share their vehicle data to learn more about their vehicle, save money, and build better mobility applications.

The best app for your daily driver and your night rider

The DIMO app puts all of your vehicles in one place so you can get the most out of owning them.

Live features:

  • GPS
  • Multiple vehicles
  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Rewards
  • Vehicle location
  • Wallet connection

Coming soon:

  • Trip logging
  • Keyless entry & remote unlock
  • Access delegation
  • Maintenance tracking
  • Digital Glovebox
  • Mint your car as an NFT
Build on the biggest network of mobility data ever

Automotive data is collected by OEMs and either sold or stored away. DIMO makes that data useful by allowing developers to build on top of it.

Help us build the largest and most useful-IoT network of user-owned devices
We need developers, partners, distributors and more to scale DIMO.
Building the developer platform for IoT, starting with cars
No-frills telematics that reward you.

Whether you have a couple of cars in your garage, a dozen trucks for your business, or thousands of vehicles across your enterprise, we want to hear from you.