Connect your car to earn rewards 🚗📈

  • DIMO lets you share anonymized data in exchange for tokens & connected vehicle features.
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How [DIMO] Works ⬇

♻ It's easy to connect and you earn automatically while you drive

Create your account

Connect your car

Sit back & Cruise

Monitor your vehicle & collect rewards

You can give your car superpowers

DIMO doesn't just earn you tokens, it's a portal to new features and to understanding your car's health and value

DIMO helps you make the most of your EV: trip tracking, charging intelligence, battery health reports and everything in between.

Our open developer platform supports an ecosystem of apps and add-ons that make individual EV drivers and fleets better each day.

Apps & Add-ons
Charging stations
Trip Tracking
Rewards & Discounts
Maintenance Alerts
Smart car insurance (Coming Soon)

One Plug-in To Rule Them All 🧙‍♂️

Ready out of the box: no setup required

Other car plug-ins perform one function: insurance discounts, diagnostics, or trip tracking.

DIMO compatible hardware allows you to benefit from a huge developer ecosystem with one device.

Our first generation device is created in partnership with, a leader in the vehicle telematics space.

End-to-end encryption
HDMI, USB, Bluetooth
Wi-fi + LTE Connectivity
Universally compatible
GPS & Accelerometer
Ethereum Wallet

🌏 Coming in 2022: $DIMO Tokens

Designed to align incentives between data producers (like you) and data consumers (like enterprises) improving mobility

Stack tokens & badges as you drive

You earn tokens straight to your DIMO wallet when you stream data

Access services and discounts

DIMO is building a platform for developers to bring new apps to drivers

Stake your $DIMO tokens to build the future of the platform

Participate in the community by using incentives to accelerate the features you want

🏗 Mint [Badges] - Driving is more fun with DIMO NFTs

Share data to accelerate zero emission transportation ♻

Charge with free green power 💚

Share your favorite routes, epic distance, & performance drives 💰

[DIMO] Builds With Some Great Organizations & Open-Source [Projects]

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