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Save time and earn $DIMO by booking vehicle service through YourMechanic and using the promo code DIMO

With YourMechanic, you get:

  • Mobile Vehicle Maintenance/Repairs: Avoid the long lines and wait times of dealerships/3rd party service centers by using YourMechanic's mobile service
  • Transparent Pricing: Detailed pricing breakdowns of service quotes prior to scheduling repairs ensures you're never caught off guard
  • Wide-Ranging Service Offerings: YourMechanic covers 100s of services including oil changes, tire rotations, brake repairs and general diagnostics
  • DIMO-Exclusive Discounts: DIMO users get 5% off of all transactions over $100 by using promo code DIMO
  • DIMO Rewards: Every transaction with YourMechanic over $100 earns DIMO users 50 $DIMO tokens by using promo code DIMO
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This app qualifies for $DIMO Rewards.

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YourMechanic is a subsidiary of Wrench Inc

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