Connect your car.
Own your data.

DIMO is building a user-owned IoT platform that allows drivers to collect and share their vehicle data. Drivers get insights about their vehicle, contribute data to the open ecosystem where it can be used to build new technology and applications, and earn DIMO tokens for participating.

[DIMO] Builds With Some Great Organizations & Open-Source [Projects]

Advancing how technology helps people move throughout the world

Maximize the value of your vehicle by taking control of your data

Automotive data is collected by OEMs unbeknownst to users and stored in silos where it’s underutilized. By connecting your car to DIMO you can participate in a community of people like you who use and build applications with vehicle data that improve the ownership experience for all.

DIMO apps give you peace of mind about the technology in your car

With DIMO, you’ll have complete access to your automotive data so that you can understand your car’s health and performance over time. DIMO also helps you stretch your impact further – you can track and share data from your batteries, charging habits, and more. Technology improves when data is shared across silos.

Building a safe, zero-emission mobility future

Supported by:

40+ angels and dozens of other contributors

Build mobility applications with new primitives

There are trillion-dollar industries that can be reshaped by DIMO—not to mention the use-cases not yet conceived.

We’re incentivizing and seeding developers to build applications from the data and connectivity provided by our community. Finally, a chance to wholly improve EV batteries, shared mobility services, insurance management, and accelerate zero-emission mobility.

A connected vehicle experience that isn’t from your OEM

Dozens of big companies, conglomerates, and associations have tried to build connected vehicle infrastructure, apps, and services, but few are doing a good job and all are replicating efforts. We’re building a user-owned network agnostic to any one company’s platform, which means we can focus on delivering the connected car experience that users will actually find useful.

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