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Get the most out of your car

10,000 people use DIMO to link connect their cars, access services, and save money. 

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Vehicle Data

Car health and diagnostics

The simple stuff matters. Track your fuel level, oil life, and range and build up a picture of the health of your car. Quickly access historical data or get alerts on any issues. 

Virtual Glovebox

Key documents and receipts in one place

Any experienced car buyer and seller will ask for the manila folder of your title, registration, receipts etc. Ditch the folder for a digital glovebox with DIMO. 

Valuation Data

See what your car is really worth

DIMO calculates an estimated value and also shows you trade-in or instant sale offers. You can be an educated seller or buyer by keep tabs on the market for your car easily through DIMO. 

Connect your car in a few minutes with your existing Tesla, Ford, Toyota or other car app

Vehicle Maintenance

Car health and diagnostics: check

With a connected vehicle, save and store all your data to keep an accurate record with out any work. Even use DIMO to lock / unlock your car. 

Use data to better understand the value of your car and make the right decisions when it's time to buy or sell. Use partners who can help you get the best price in the DIMO Marketplace. 

DIMO brings the best auto services to you in one convenient place. Book through DIMO for an easier and faster process, plus DIMO rewards.

DIMO Rewards are like an airline rewards point for your car. Earn when you get connected and by using partners from the DIMO marketplace. 

Connect my car

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