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DIMO's $2M Ecosystem Fund is live: Apply Today

June 28, 2023

Hello DIMO community!

With the passing of DIP-8 on June 16th, the DIMO Ignite Grants Program is officially open for business. The Ignite Team has been allocated an initial $2,000,000 ecosystem fund to support builders and developers who can accelerate innovation within the DIMO ecosystem.

If you or anyone you know is looking for funding to contribute, come check out our website www.dimoignite.org to apply!

Apply for funding to build on DIMO

The Ignite Grants team has the following core goals:

1. Accelerate development and innovation: Key infrastructure, public goods, and applications accelerate DIMO’s development and adoption. Ignite will tap into the creativity of the community by soliciting innovative ideas and proposals from the public.

2. Enhance project security: Bounty programs, specifically those targeting security vulnerabilities, incentivize ethical hackers and security researchers to identify and report potential weaknesses in the DIMO protocol’s code. This can help improve the project's security and protect it against potential threats.

3. Grow the contributor base: Rewards for specific tasks will attract skilled developers, designers, researchers, content creators, and other professionals, and will foster more general community engagement, participation, and excitement.

$2 million in grants - what requests for proposals the team is prioritizing

The Ignite team is excited to review any and all ideas that community members submit, but they’ve also identified a list of higher priority proposals:

1. DIMO Compatible Hardware - Contribute to building or testing hardware that is compatible with DIMO and AutoPi. One example of this would be a dash camera.

2. AV Data Processing & Storage - Adding video and other advanced telematics support to DIMO network and client applications. Integrating data from ADAS systems: Tesla FSD, OpenPilot, and more.

3. Direct OEM Integrations - Unlock a broader set of vehicles that users can connect to the DIMO Network with minimal friction.

4. DIMO Clients - DIMO Mobile is the first example of a DIMO client and we would love to see more clients emerge for different use cases. Clients are applications that allows users to interact directly with the DIMO protocol.

5. Payments Infrastructure - Facilitate seamless transactions between DIMO network, users and marketplace partners.

6. DIMO Applications & Partners - DIMO connectivity can create incredible user experiences. If you want to build a DIMO-powered application, we want to hear from you.

7. Host & Patron Tooling - Host & Patron tooling will supercharge the process of onboarding new users onto the DIMO Network by making it easier for deployers to find new willing hosts, automate & manage payouts, and more.

8. Improve the DIMO Connected Car Experience - Add support for more vehicles and data fields across different car manufacturers so more users can get more value out of their DIMO experience.

9. Quests - A service in which DIMO driver’s can gamify and social share their experience with each other and earn bounties. Think things ranging from quest involving mapping, to sharing socials, to refueling, to roadtrips. Anything that leverages DIMO data is a plus.

If these proposals do not apply to you, we still highly recommend you apply with your proposal! The more applications, the merrier.

Apply for funding to build on DIMO

Meet the team

1. Sam Lewis - DIMO Contributor (Chair)

2. Rob Solomon - CFO Digital Infrastructure Inc. (Director)

3. Yev Khessin - CTO Digital Infrastructure Inc. (Director)

4. Andy Chatham - CEO Digital Infrastructure Inc. (Director)

5. Bryan Peters - Co-Founder of Sobol (Contributor)

6. MoreReese - DAO Builder (Contributor)

7. Avi Atkin - Product Manager, 3Box Labs, ex-Ford (Contributor)

We couldn’t be more excited for this new development and can’t wait to see the amazing builders who join the DIMO ecosystem. If you have any questions or comments on the program itself or application process please reach out to [email protected].

Written by: Sam Lewis DIMO Foundation, chair of the Ignite Grants Team

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