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DIMO @ EthDenver 2024 Recap

March 15, 2024

Once a year, the web3 masses descend on the Mile High City. Crypto billboards speckle the landscape, lanyard-wearing technologists crowd into any viable event venue in Denver, and a massive colosseum, usually reserved for prized racehorses, is repurposed for a new frontier of a different, digital nature.

This is none other than ETHDenver, a yearly showcase of the latest and greatest developments in the Ethereum ecosystem since 2018. This year was the event’s seventh iteration, and each year it has drawn more attendees, welcomed more web3 projects, and hosted more side events than hours in the day. Mirroring the evolution and growth of the conference itself was DIMO’s presence. From DePIN focused satellite events, to significant mentions by speakers on the main stage and beyond, to a bustling booth, the DIMO Network was out in full force. More than a trend, DIMO demonstrates how DePIN gives blockchain a real-world use case through the power of decentralized hardware.

EthDenver 2024

DIMO was an official sponsor of the main event and planted a DePIN flag at Spork Castle with the DIMO booth. From those getting their first introduction to DIMO’s mission, to diehards ecstatic to see DIMO in attendance and eager to whip out their app to show off their fleet of cars already connected to the network, the team greeted the thousands of attendees and spoke about the intersection of mobility and IoT. With the recent launch of the DIMO developer API, conversations with devs interested in building on DIMO took center stage.

DIMO co-founder Rob Solomon made a big impact on Friday with two different speaker sessions. First up was a panel on the Atlantis main stage titled “From Bits to Atoms: How DePIN Is Making Crypto Real”. He was joined by fellow industry experts Shannon Wells (Head of Ecosystem Growth at Livepeer), Mustafa Qazi (Research Engineer at 6th Man Ventures), and Adam Wozney (Head of Community at Akash Network). They chatted about all things DePIN, and Rob shared his conviction that a global mobility network can only function when it’s a grassroots effort to eliminate intermediaries and restore power to the individual car owner.

Later that day, Rob was fortunate enough to get an opportunity to speak directly to hackers in the BUIDL Hub. On the Neptune Stage, he gave a demonstration of a special prototype that showcased what buying a car will look like in the year 2030. Rob took the audience step by step through a potential UX, and explained how it wouldn’t be possible without blockchain. Using a stack of decentralized auto apps, he shared only the necessary verifiable credentials, browsed an on-chain vehicle marketplace, and performed an authenticated trade-in. These sorts of experiments get us one step closer to never having to visit the DMV ever again.

There was also one special DIMO shoutout during one of the premiere fireside chats at ETHDenver. Ethereum co-founder and ConsenSys CEO, Joseph Lubin, was asked by a moderator to list any cool web3 projects he was currently interested in. He argued that we’re on the brink of scalability, and asserted that DePIN projects have the potential to cross the chasm to mainstream adoption. Furthermore, Joe referenced automotive-based solutions and listed DIMO as one of his favorites! Lubin has always been a thought leader in the web3 space, and is a self-proclaimed futurist constantly thinking about the long-term impacts of blockchain. This endorsement from one of the most prolific entrepreneurs in crypto is a strong signal that DIMO is tackling the right problems and building sustainable, scalable infrastructure for the months, years, and decades to come.

Proof of Data Summit

The Proof of Data Summit was a gathering focused on evaluating the data management landscape in the decentralized era. Hosted by Ceramic and DIMO partner Tableland, it brought together visionaries, innovators, and leaders at the forefront of DePIN. The DIMO team was thrilled to be a part of the DePIN track programming, and co-founder Yevgeny Khessin joined to add his domain expertise to the conversation.

First, Yev joined a panel with Marla Natoli, Strategic Partnerships at Tableland, and Manolis Nikiforakis from WeatherXM. It was a discussion on "Collaborative Futures: DePINs and the Decentralized Web". 

Next, Yev gave a presentation on "Transforming Vehicle Data Use". He deep dove on the different use cases for vehicle data, and conveyed the true potential of a decentralized mobility network. 


IoTeX also hosted their showstopping R3AL WORLD side event for the second year running. Over 45 speakers came together to share their experiences on the burgeoning DePIN space. It was an all day affair full of panels, presentations, demos, and project showcases highlighting all the various use cases that physical infrastructure enables. Yev joined another panel at the event focused on ZK Proofs & Data Markets, and explained how in the future you can obtain an insurance policy without compromising your sensitive driving data.

IoTeX also used the event as a platform to announce an upcoming DePIN report. They want to create an informational resource that provides a comprehensive overview of the growing DePIN sector. DIMO contributed network analytics along with other projects such as Helium, Lattice, Borderless Capital, Textile, Starpower, and many more. Keep your eyes peeled for the official publishing of the report, and check out this video from the conference that teases a sneak peek.

DePIN Meetup

The week wrapped up with cozy DePIN Meetup, co-hosted by DIMO, Halborn, Sushi, io.net, IoTeX, peaq, Borderless Capital, and Starpower. A mass of DePIN fans piled into Roostercat Coffee House to swap stories over a cup o’ joe and listen to panels from the people building the future of IoT solutions. It was a great casual conclusion to a week of celebrating Ethereum, and thanks to all the DIMO community members who made it out!

So Long, Denver 👋

The whirlwind of a week went by in a flash, and a multitude of learnings were gathered from all the events and conversations throughout the event. The DIMO team got to see what messaging resonated with attendees. The everyday driver was interested in an ‘app store for your car’, while the privacy-minded web3 enthusiast was excited about the potential of gaining more control over vehicle data.

DIMO also formed valuable relationships with numerous DePIN projects building in the space, and a spirit of collaboration was present between teams working on distributed infrastructure solutions. Heads-down work behind the computer is important, but getting out in the world, socializing the mobility mission, and speaking directly to users is an integral part of building consumer applications.

ETHDenver has matured into one of the flagship blockchain conferences, and the DIMO team was thrilled to be a part of the energy and innovation on display this year. Thanks to anyone who stopped by the booth to say hello and share how DIMO has changed your daily driving experience. Stay tuned for announcements about other conferences DIMO will be participating in later this year.

Written by: Joe Bender Growth Marketer

Joe Bender is on the Growth team at DIMO and has spent 7 years in the web3 ecosystem. He gets excited by the idea of using decentralized networks to empower the end user, and loves checking the battery voltage on his aging 2008 Honda CR-V. Before DIMO, Joe spent 3 years at ConsenSys nurturing the early Ethereum ecosystem, and 3 years at Stacks helping to kickstart web3 on Bitcoin. He loves how blockchain has inspired a wave of digital creation, and some of his favorite NFTs are Chromie Squiggles, Cryptopunks, and Geometry Runners

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