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dimo protocol

An Open Developer Platform for next gen mobility apps

DIMO offers developers a way to build permissionless applications for cars.

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protocol features

Building Blocks of an Open Vehicle Platform.

Open Hardware

Hardware manufacturers can make DIMO-compatible devices, and any of these can provide data. 

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Data Accessibility

Users are always in control of their data and can revoke access from applications. This makes it the most user-aligned telematics platform.

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Verified Telemetry Data

The DIMO Protocol employs multiple data verification methods to ensure developers and users trust the data.

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Device Twin

A DIMO-native digital twin that utilizes blockchain technology to create an immutable, decentralized record of a physical device's data.

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use cases

A better way to build software and services for vehicles

Enable new services and businesses that can only be created with next-generation digital infrastructure and a cross-OEM connected vehicle platform

  • Vehicle Commerce

    Use data from DIMO-connected vehicles to better value and streamline the way you buy, sell, or finance cars for drivers.

  • P2P Car Sharing

    Build truly peer to peer car sharing on DIMO, or plug DIMO into your existing car-sharing app

  • Insurance

    Use DIMO telematics to inform your car insurance platform and offer driver’s better rates.

  • Open fleet management

    Build custom fleet management software for any fleet on DIMO

  • Clean energy applications

    EV, charger, and energy specific applications for vehicles.

  • After-market hardware

    Standardize aftermarket automotive hardware on the DIMO Protocol.

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