DIMO rewards

Get connected.
Get rewarded.

Owning your data means having a say in how it's shared—and getting a share of the rewards. There are several ways to earn reward points with DIMO. And it all begins with the DIMO mobile app.

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How to earn reward points

Earn by connecting your car. 

You’ll receive your first DIMO reward points just by connecting your car to the DIMO mobile app. Then, simply stay connected to watch your points grow.

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How to earn reward points

Earn when your data is used.

Once you’re connected, you’ll have the option to share your data to increase your earnings. You’ll always have a say in who can access your data, as well as the choice to stay anonymous or not.

How to earn reward points

Earn by contributing.

Earn more points by recommending friends with qualified vehicles via the DIMO mobile app. Or, you can contribute to the growth of the project by building apps on the DIMO ecosystem.

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The DIMO community

Join the movement. 

Very soon, we’ll be replacing DIMO reward points with $DIMO tokens. As a token holder, you’ll gain exclusive access to everything from merch drops, NFT mints and DIMO events.

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