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About DIMO

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DIMO is an open software platform that allows drivers to stream their vehicle data in exchange for tokens. Using Web3 technology, we’re building a user-owned network that maximizes the value of IoT data and functionality while minimizing privacy and systemic risks.

Today, DIMO provides a way for people to collect, own, and share data from vehicles. Participants can also earn ownership of the network, proportional to the value they create.

We are building the foundation for a developer ecosystem that will enable next-generation mobility applications for connected vehicles—something we believe is necessary to scale the deployment of key technologies like zero-emission and automated vehicles.

Today, you can connect your car and stream verified data. Very soon, you'll also be able to earn $DIMO tokens. You can access a growing library of applications and services built on DIMO. These are data storage and “read-only” vehicle information apps developed by the core team.

Simply download the app, create an account and connect your car(s).

You can reach support by emailing [email protected].

The core team is developing an extensive DIMO Grants Program that will allow developers to earn significant $DIMO in exchange for building key applications on the platform.

Apps are set up as “data consumers” that can pull data from the protocol to learn about the performance of components like batteries, automated driving systems, and controls. This will enable the development of disruptive new applications for fine-grained insurance, ride-hailing, traffic navigation, vehicle financing, energy grid optimization, and much more.

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