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DIMO helps Drivers
Get the most from their car

Connect to gain insights into vehicle performance, get the best price when you sell, save money on maintenance. Earn rewards and build a network that makes mobility better for everyone.

Connect multiple vehicles at once with the DIMO mobile app

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Own your data. Unlock Savings.

DIMO turns data from your car into valuable insights — not just to you, but to other drivers, developers and businesses who pay you for access. The first step is to get connected. 

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Join thousands of other drivers connected to DIMO.

Become part of a connected vehicle network.

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DIMO rewards

Download the DIMO app to get started.

You can earn rewards by connecting your car via Smartcar if your automaker has given you a connected car subscription or if you already pay for one.

If your car is newer than 2011, you can connect with a DIMO Miner. Plug it directly into your car, connect with your DIMO app, and start earning straight away.

Earn more rewards by recommending friends and family with qualified vehicles. Download the app to track referrals in the “Rewards” section.

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An open developer platform for connected vehicles.

DIMO is about creating apps and devices that work for vehicle owners, not the companies that build them. 

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  • Vehicle health records

  • Driving behavior

  • Maintenance records

  • Charger data

  • Battery health

  • Road and map data

  • Vehicle access delegation

  • Historical vehicle health

  • Vehicle NFTs

  • Vehicle model benchmarking

  • Charging data