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Qualifies for DIMO Rewards

DIMO Fleets

DIMO fleets allows you to easily track all your vehicles in one app, regardless of make and model. Fleets also receive access to vehicle genius, a service that will save you time and money on your fleet vehicles throughout your ownership. In addition to all of this, DIMO gives you the ability to earn rewards for connecting, and even more for transacting with our growing network of ecosystem partners.  

Signing your fleet up for DIMO gets you:

Personalized Support: Every fleet of 5+ connected vehicles will be assigned an account manager to help set up and maintain your DIMO fleet experience.
Rewards: Connecting any vehicle to DIMO allows you to earn rewards. Connecting a fleet to DIMO multiplies these rewards significantly.
Rare Opportunity: Fleet management is not one-size-fits-all. We are allowing our early fleet users to help shape our fleet management product around what will be most helpful to your fleet.

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Fleets qualifies you for $DIMO Rewards.

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