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Qualifies for DIMO Rewards


Use your DIMO data to save money.  

With Vehicle Genius you get

  • On-Demand Genius Advice: An auto-industry expert just a text message away
  • Detailed Spend Analysis: Continuously updated Genius Report will allow you to stay on top of your overall vehicle spend at all times
  • Expert Recommendations: Data-driven recommendations based on your specific vehicle spend
  • Incident Assistance: Accident? Overwhelming maintenance estimates? Your vehicle genius will answer all your questions when you need it most
  • Error Code Concierge: Check engine light? Vehicle Genius will decode your vehicle's error codes and inform you on necessary next steps (DIMO Required)
  • DIMO Rewards: A boost to your DIMO rewards just for subscribing to Vehicle Genius
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This app qualifies for $DIMO Rewards.

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