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Build on DIMO - May 2024

May 14, 2024

Telemetry API

We’re excited to introduce our latest GraphQL API - Telemetry API. This is a significant upgrade over our previous REST API as it provides a more efficient, powerful, and flexible way to interact with vehicle telemetry data. If you have been a consumer of our telemetry data in the past, you probably remember juggling with the v1/vehicle/:tokenId/status and history endpoints under Device Data API. Those will soon be fully-replaced by the new Telemetry API.

Fetch your connected vehicle data in GraphQL

With GraphQL, you can tailor your queries to fetch exactly what you need, reducing bandwidth and improving response times. Whether you're developing applications or integrating complex systems, our GraphQL API offers enhanced capabilities to work with real-time vehicle data more effectively.

DIMO is actively making rapid updates on the Telemetry API to include signals that are of interest to developers. Visit our GitHub repository to comment, like, and subscribe 😁

Developer SDK

Following the introduction of our new API, we're pleased to offer our first Developer SDK. It is built to seamlessly work with all the DIMO API endpoints, including the fancy new Telemetry API. The SDK is deliberately written in TypeScript, crafted to cover 76% of developers’ desires, designed to simplify your development process with minimal setup.

The Developer SDK provides a JavaScript-based library that supports building on the DIMO API, simplifying the build process. With comprehensive documentation and examples, the SDK guides you through every step of connecting to the DIMO API, making your development journey smooth and efficient.

Leverage the power of our Developer SDK to accelerate your projects. It puts you in control of creating innovative products in the realm of digital mobility. Start exploring the capabilities of our SDK today and unlock the full potential of the DIMO API in your applications.

Check out DIMO’s SDK Roadmap and Development Guidelines.

Message us if you are interested in the SDK in another programming language. DIMO also accepts grant applications around Developer Experience, so come on over and help other developers out 💪

Ongoing Innovations

  • Our original GraphQL, Identity API, is undergoing some improvements:

    • Manufacturer data will be pulling from our Tableland tables

    • Reward earnings are now shown in $DIMO rather than $DIMO wei

  • Better EV support, specifically for Volkswagen MEB platform, Mach-E, Jaguar I-pace, Porsche Taycan, and Audi E-tron

  • Migrate Trips Sandbox to use Telemetry API

  • More Developer License upgrades

  • DIMO Developer Console for an end-to-end Developer License experience

Join the Community

Dive into a vibrant community that's buzzing with ideas. DIMO provides a dynamic space for developers to exchange thoughts, collaborate on exciting projects, and push the boundaries of mobility. With our DIMO Ignite Grants program, your project can get the boost it needs. Connect and discover more in the #built-on-dimo channel on our Discord server 🤝

Get Started Today

The future of mobility is yours to shape. With the new API and tools, you are prepped to start innovating. Join us in defining the future of digital mobility by sharing your thoughts and subscribing to our newsletter.

Written by: James Li Head of Developer Relations

James Li is on the DIMO Engineering team. Before DIMO, he spent 10+ years leading integration efforts for a last-mile delivery platform, a customer engagement platform for utilities, and defect inspection systems for semiconductors. James enjoys working with cutting-edge technology and working alongside creative thinkers.

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