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Connecting Drivers to a Certified Repair Network: DIMO and RepairPal Partnership

August 10, 2023

DIMO has launched it's newest partnership with RepairPal, the industry's most trusted online marketplace for auto repair. This partnership will provide DIMO users with easy, real-time access to the Certified RepairPal network for trusted automotive repair and maintenance inside the DIMO Mobile Marketplace.

Together, the companies intend to empower consumers with the information and tools needed to easily make informed decisions about their vehicle repairs and maintenance. This integration will offer customers unparalleled convenience and peace of mind, ensuring they receive top-quality service from trusted auto repair professionals.

“We are thrilled to provide DIMO users with access to RepairPal’s vast network of Certified Repair facilities, all pre-screened for quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. This will enable drivers to effortlessly locate and connect with trustworthy professionals in their area when they are in need of automotive maintenance or repairs. Matched with the Fair Price Estimator, we aim to empower consumers to make informed decisions based on accurate estimates, fostering trust and transparency in the industry.”

- Kathleen Long, Chief Revenue Officer at RepairPal

"Drivers have been left in the dark for far too long when it comes to finding the best prices for vehicle maintenance and repairs. Our partnership with RepairPal is another huge step towards DIMO’s mission to provide all drivers with their own car data, so that they can make informed decisions about their vehicles. Just imagine: not only do you no longer have to wonder what that error light means on your dashboard, but you can scan the RepairPal network to compare and find professional mechanics — as well as price estimates. That’s time saved, money saved, and power back in the hands of drivers.”

- Alex Rawitz, cofounder of DIMO and the COO of Digital Infrastructure Inc.

By combining their resources, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction, DIMO and RepairPal aim to revolutionize the way people connect with their cars as well as approach automotive repair and maintenance with trust and confidence.

About RepairPal

Established in 2007, RepairPal connects consumers with certified trustworthy mechanics throughout the US. Large, trusted companies including USAA, CarMax, and Consumer Reports send their members and customers to RepairPal Certified shops, knowing they will get high-quality repairs at a fair price.

Written by: Alex Rawitz Cofounder

Alex Rawitz has spent his career in and around startups in the crypto and IoT world, and is always looking to put these technologies to work making people’s lives better. Prior to DIMO, Alex worked with exchanges, defi protocols, and fintechs at Chainalysis. Before that he worked in sales at Servato, an IoT company in the telecom space. He started his career at a startup accelerator, The Idea Village, in New Orleans.

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