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DIMO Podcast Activity: Ventures Podcast with Andy Chatham

September 13, 2022
Andy ventures pod

In this episode of the Ventures Podcast with Will Little, Digital Infrastructure Inc's co-founder, Andy Chatham, dives into the history of DIMO, the challenges we’ve faced, and the road we are headed on now. From massive pivots in the beginning, to creating hardware amidst a global supply chain crisis, to our relationship with the data we create, Andy touches on it all.

On the topic of our relationship with data, he states:

“You need to have a trust layer…where data from these connected vehicles can by syndicated out to insurance companies, operators, the government,... and regulations can be a lot more effectively put into software rather than arbitrarily the result of an investigation or a situation. We look at what we’re building long-term as a way to enable those interactions to happen in a much more sane and rational way with the user at the center of everything rather than just being a consideration after the fact.”

For more information about what our past, and the future we’re striving to achieve, listen to the podcast below!

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Written by: Colin Knudsen

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