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DIMO Welcomes Tyler Hall

January 12, 2023

Tyler Hall has joined DIMO as a Strategic Advisor to support the expansion of the app ecosystem and integration marketplace built on top of the network. His focus will be saving DIMO users money and time, while bringing a more diverse ecosystem of services to the network.

Tyler has been a lifelong tech entrepreneur and investor who has been involved in several exits and IPOs including the recent acquisition of the company he founded in 2018 and served as the CEO, Drivably.

Since exiting to ACV Auctions (Nasdaq: ACVA), Tyler now focuses on helping high-growth technology companies by advising and coaching executive teams, and investing in startups.

“As an avid driver, it’s discouraging how slowly OEMs are innovating on the connected vehicle experience. In a little over a year, the teams working on DIMO have created a much healthier relationship between the car, driver, and 3rd party developers”

“DIMO enables other automotive technology players to build right on top of their robust foundation, data, and vehicle identity layer. I’m excited to help a whole new generation of companies and service providers bring new products to market and improve end consumer and fleet owners lives”

DIMO has existing integrations with Tenet, Caribou, LeaseEnd, and the team behind the project has also launched services like in-app car valuation and Vehicle Genius.

To reach out to the DIMO team and learn more about integrating your existing dealership, app, or service in the platform, email [email protected].

Written by: Alex Rawitz Cofounder

Alex Rawitz has spent 10 years in and around startups in the crypto and IoT world, and is always looking to put these technologies to work making people’s lives better. Prior to DIMO, Alex worked with exchanges, defi protocols, and fintechs at Chainalysis. Before that he worked in sales at Servato, an IoT company in the telecom space. He started his career at a startup accelerator, The Idea Village, in New Orleans.

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