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Streamlining EV Adoption: DIMO and Lectrium Simplify Home EV Charging

June 15, 2023

Each year, more and more drivers make the switch to electric vehicles (EVs). However, navigating the complexities of home EV charging can be daunting. That's why DIMO and Lectrium have joined forces. Combining Lectrium's expertise in EV charger installations with DIMO driving insights, this partnership aims to empower car owners to embrace EVs confidently without additional hassle or fear of day-to-day complications.

What is Lectrium?

Lectrium specializes in facilitating EV charger installations and providing comprehensive EV education. Their EV Knowledge Hub offers a centralized platform where users can explore hundreds of EV models and their specifications, including range, efficiency, and estimated charging costs. From education to charger installation, Lectrium guides users throughout the entire process.

DIMO Data for More Accurate Recommendations

DIMO users, who track their driving habits daily, have a unique advantage when it comes to EV adoption. Recent analysis shows that 25% of gas-powered DIMO users receive an A+ rating for EV compatibility, indicating that an at-home level 2 charger would meet all their charging needs. Leveraging the wealth of information available in the DIMO Mobile app, individuals can confidently navigate EV adoption. The integration of DIMO data with Lectrium further enhances the personalized experience, providing tailored quotes and precise recommendations. As data integration deepens, the insights become even more accurate.

DIMO and Lectrium are actively working to deepen their integrations. With users' permission, essential data points like VIN, average weekly driving habits, and fuel economy will automatically flow to Lectrium. This collaboration will enable Lectrium to provide accurate recommendations and estimated charging costs based on real-world driving data.

Why use Lectrium with DIMO?

Choosing the right EV and home charger can be challenging. DIMO and Lectrium simplify this process, allowing DIMO users to access Lectrium's EV Knowledge Hub and receive personalized quotes based on their driving data. Discover the perfect EV and enjoy hassle-free home charging in just a few clicks.

To reward users, DIMO offers $150 worth of $DIMO for successful charger installations facilitated by Lectrium. Don't miss out on this opportunity to optimize your EV charging experience. Visit the DIMO Marketplace in the app to explore Lectrium and embark on a seamless EV journey.

Written by: Colin Knudsen Ecosystem Revenue Manager

Colin Knudsen is a car nerd at heart, and in practice. Having bought and sold upwards of 25 personal vehicles, and assisted others with 100s more, Colin is always willing to apply his immense vehicle transaction knowledge to anyone who will listen. Prior to DIMO, he built and maintained a fleet of 50+ vehicles for an automotive recall-awareness startup, and was an integral part of growing the company from 5 employees to 300 in just 18 months.

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