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How to Get Involved With DIMO

December 10, 2021

DIMO is a multi-disciplinary project. In order to be successful we’ll need to collaborate with mobility, IoT, Automotive, public sector and web3 communities in as many productive ways as possible.

Recently, a growing group of internet people have gotten excited about what we’re building so we needed to come up with a good way to guide them to the right place.

In (rough) order from least to most time consuming, here is how you can support DIMO and get involved:

☑ Follow us on Twitter (and here on Medium, more social channels will be popping up soon)

🚘 Connect your existing car or fleet to DIMO

🛒 After you connect your car, you can preorder a device (which you’ll soon be able to delegate to one of our verified fleet pools if you don’t have a compatible car)

👋 Join the community on Discord (more on that below) where you can help us decode cars, connect new devices to DIMO

💻 Build (or integrate) a DIMO-compatible product or service. We’re already incubating a bunch of different ideas, and we’ll begin providing developer access to the platform and announcing a grant pool in January 2022.

DIMO is committed to building in the open and incorporating a broad set of viewpoints into the infrastructure we’re building and the products on top of it.

So we created a place for all of that to happen in real-time:

Enter The DIMOverse — The [DIMO] Discord

Like many recent projects, DIMO uses a communication tool called Discord. It can be a bit overwhelming to new contributors, so we try to make the onboarding as simple as possible.

Here’s what you’ll see after clicking this link:

Open Channels

By default, everyone can post in general channels and view content from other public channels. For now, we also do product support in Discord too, so people can get (nearly) immediate assistance on any issues they might have.

We will make a good-faith attempt to engage with anyone who is following the community guidelines.

This is like Reddit, or a public message board. Anyone can post, so the DIMO core team does not necessarily endorse the content or viewpoints expressed.

This is the internet so there are memes

[d]team Verified Contributor Channels

These channels are for getting work done, and people who are contributing their time to the project spend a lot of time here.

While they’re open to anyone, to access them you’ll need to submit this form with as much detail as possible on how you want to dig in.

[d]Team channels like [d]Platform, and [d]Product correspond with general teams, just like you might find in a “normal” company.

We also have channels dedicated to specific activities like 🔮DBC-Decoding (a community-driven effort to make sure we can read data from every car supported by DIMO).

Open Data Heroes @swagnon and @DasTholo passing around some vehicle decoding knowledge.

A note on Identity & Privacy

One nice feature of the internet is that nobody knows if you’re a dog (or cat)

In our mission to incorporate the broadest possible group of people, we’re ok with however someone wants to present themselves to the community — whether they use their real name or a pseudonym.

Some web3 projects have recently launched with fully anonymous core teams, and we’ve personally opted not to go that route for a couple of important reasons:

  • We’re building technology that interacts with the real world, and there’s an additional layer of trust required to get people to want to use DIMO
  • There is real-world reputation and skills that we’re bringing to DIMO from other large companies and projects we’ve worked on in the past. Can’t bring that along without a real name

In the future we’ll have a more detailed post on our Privacy and Identity policy.

Where we’re headed

We want to engage with the mobility, IoT, Automotive, public sector and web3 communities in as many productive ways as possible, so there will be a ton of new ways to collaborate with DIMO in the future (including REAL WORLD events!).

Stay tuned for more, and you can always say hi to [email protected] if you prefer old-fashioned email.

Written by: Andy Chatham

Andy Chatham has spent 10 years in the mobility space operating some of the largest autonomous and electric vehicle fleets, and building software used by millions of passengers. Before DIMO, he worked for Transdev managing a team of hundreds working on Waymo—Google’s self-driving car division. He’s also worked across many other domains in the mobility world, helping transit and real estate partners leverage new technologies and deploy mobility-as-a-service solutions.

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