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DIMO Mainnet Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

December 12, 2023

Happy Birthday, DIMO! They grow up so fast…

One year ago today, the DIMO Network started its engine with its mainnet launch. Enabling the 2023 airdrop, ongoing token issuance, token holder governance, and on-chain vehicle minting & pairing began a road trip toward the world’s first decentralized, open, connected vehicle network. For too long, car manufacturers were the only ones benefiting from driving data. Additionally, using service providers for maintenance, repairs, EV charging, or insurance was confusing and often a ripoff due to lack of information.

DIMO helps flip the script. Now drivers are being rewarded for participating in a new type of automotive ecosystem. Individuals are empowered with access to vehicle analytics, and can leverage DIMO Rewards in a transparent marketplace.

In honor of the anniversary, we wanted to share some of the most interesting analytics from the wealth of data being produced by DIMO connected vehicles around the world.

Total Miles Driven by DIMO Drivers

DIMO drivers really put the pedal to the metal this year, and racked up a whopping total of over 153 million kilometers (95 million miles) driven!

That’s more than 1AU, the distance between the sun and the earth! Think about that next time you’re watching a sunset…

To put in more terrestrial terms, DIMO users drove around the earth 3,815 times!

Highest Valuation

On the other end of the spectrum, one driver could fetch a pretty penny for this monster of a machine. The most valuable car connected to the DIMO network is the exotic 2021 Lamborghini Huracan, coming in with a valuation of $416,761.4 USD!

Highest Speed

This one is for those speed freaks out there. The fastest speed recorded in the past year was a Tesla Model S that hit a hair-raising 268.76 kph (167 mph) on the A2 section of the German Autobahn. Fun fact: although the German government recommends a top speed of 80mph, there are de-restricted sections of the Autobahn where there is no speed limit.

Number of Countries Reporting Data

DIMO has gone global. We’ve been thrilled to see drivers from all over the world find value in the DIMO app and hardware devices. Currently there are over 81 unique countries represented in the network, with support for more coming soon.

Most Miles Traveled By Individual User

One road warrior led the pack with the amount of distance traveled over the past year. This DIMO user totaled an astronomical 175,705.91 kilometers (109,178.59 miles) traveled!

That’s 481.38 miles per day, 3369.70 miles per week, and this user would have driven around the Earth 4.38 times! A round of applause to whoever pulled this off, whether they’re a long-haul trucker or National Park hopper.

Number of Car Manufacturers

Car brands have always been a cultural source of pride and community, and it’s awesome to see so many different types of vehicles represented on the DIMO network. To date, there are vehicles from 71 unique car manufacturers on the network

Top Car Manufacturers

  1. Tesla - 6,936

  2. Ford - 5,255

  3. BMW - 4038

Car Manufacturers with Only 1 Car on the Network

While Tesla, Ford, and BMW owners may have loads of fellow drivers in the DIMO network, there are a handful of car brands that are being represented by a single diehard user. Below are an assortment of automakers that have only one vehicle on the network. If you drive one of these vehicles, go and get connected to give them more friends on the freeway!

Total Baseline Rewards Issued

It is beyond exciting to witness the amount of baseline rewards issued in the past year, because that’s where we achieve the dream of value flowing back to the user for their contributions to the DIMO network. In total, there have been over 57,300,000+ $DIMO tokens distributed to users, which at the time of writing is worth over $13,179,000 USD.

Total Value of All Cars on the Network

We believe the future of vehicle data will be even more monumental than the sensitivities around smartphone data, because there is such valuable physical hardware behind that data. A car is an extremely significant purchase for anyone, therefore its privacy should be even more of a priority. If the estimated valuation of every vehicle on the network were added together, it would total over $750,000,000+ USD. That’s even higher than the GDP of some countries!

Total Cars Connected to the Network

To wrap it all up, it is astounding to look back and think that when Mainnet launched on December 12th last year there were 1,400 cars on the network. Today, there are over 28,000 vehicles connected with 30k on the horizon. A semi-truck sized thank you goes out to each and every user for helping to grow a network that puts the driver first. 

Written by: Joe Bender Growth Marketer

Joe Bender is on the Growth team at DIMO and has spent 7 years in the web3 ecosystem. He gets excited by the idea of using decentralized networks to empower the end user, and loves checking the battery voltage on his aging 2008 Honda CR-V. Before DIMO, Joe spent 3 years at ConsenSys nurturing the early Ethereum ecosystem, and 3 years at Stacks helping to kickstart web3 on Bitcoin. He loves how blockchain has inspired a wave of digital creation, and some of his favorite NFTs are Chromie Squiggles, Cryptopunks, and Geometry Runners

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