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The Movement #3

June 1, 2022
The Movement 3

Hello DIMO Community!

Check out a recap of all that's happened at DIMO in June:

  • 📈 We crossed 2,000 connected cars and 25,000 vehicles added to the app.
  • 📱  Several major app upgrades and new features are on the horizon and close to launch. Improved UX, data portability, and more.
  • 🧑‍💻 We're working with the first app developers to bring new apps and services to DIMO that will add ways for your to save money or will improve your vehicle ownership experience.

— The DIMO Core Team

📊 Telematics

Monthly recap of DIMO Network growth with a focus on stats and data from the project

Not only did we cross a fun milestone (2,000 cars connected), but we're seeing the amount of data collected add up. We're actively collecting more by deploying hardware and increasing the polling rate as we dial in connectivity across integration methods.

The value of this data - both in its aggregate form and to you as an individual driver - grows over time. More data makes for more usecases on the DIMO developer platform.

Data Received Per Day
Data collected per day is growing fast

📱Product News

Product announcements and news with a focus on shipping

Big changes are on their way to the mobile app. We've improving the UX, and we have some exciting new features coming like:

  • All your vehicles on the same map (great for fleets!)
  • Lock and unlock your car (for select vehicles)
  • Document upload so that you can store critical data like maintenance records and more.

📦 Shipping DIMO Hardware!

Shipping updates

Over 250 DIMO x AutoPi devices have been shipped or delivered to users and most of those are already online. Installs are now going very smoothly.

We have one more batch of devices going out this week before we take a small hiatus while we wait for new inventory. With several thousand devices arriving in July and August, we'll increase the shipping speed.

Estimated Shipping Dates:

Want to join the Waitlist? Add your car in the DIMO Mobile App.

🚙 Last Ride

Some final thoughts, asks, and musings

📣 June AMA 📣 We hosted a discussion about how we're building DIMO as a developer platform and app ecosystem. You can watch the recording here:

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