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Top FAQs - February 2023

February 22, 2023
Top FA Qs Feb 23

Is DIMO just for EVs?

No! Come on down and connect your gas-powered car to DIMO! We accept vehicles of all shapes and sizes. We’ve onboarded everything from Porsches, to street sweepers, to 18 wheelers.

Not every vehicle will have the same amount of data available. Every car speaks its own language, and we’re working endlessly to translate them all.

The compatibility requirements as of February 22, 2023 are as follows:

  • The car must be from 2012 or newer (this will change in the coming months)

  • Currently supported locations are: US, Canada, EU, UK, Norway, and Switzerland.

Do I need hardware to connect?

Depends on your make and model! For the vast majority of cars, a hardware connection is required. However, software connections, when available, give you a free and easy way to connect to the DIMO Network.

Teslas can connect for free! Just download the app, and follow the instructions.

Besides Tesla, the vast majority of cars (EVs and gas powered) require a hardware connection. However, there are some exceptions!

If your car has an app associated with it (and you’re subscribed to that app), you may qualify for a free connection to DIMO! For more information, click here to see if your car is compatible, and download the app to get started.

If you’re having problems connecting one way or another, reach out to [email protected] or message us on Discord

Can I put DIMO Hardware in a friend’s car?

Yes! We have a more advanced set of features coming that will allow you to set up your family and friends and define roles and rewards, but for now, you can set up the car under your account and share your car with them.

These instructions explain how to do it.

What wallet should I use?

New to crypto? Definitely use our In-app wallet. Super easy to get started. DIMO also seamlessly supports Metamask and Rainbow, which give you more functionality.

Can I use the in-app wallet if I already linked a Metamask wallet?

No, unfortunately not. This may be a feature we build out in the future.

How do I see my tokens from in-app wallet?

You will be able to view your total $DIMO tokens by looking at your Rewards tab. Here's how to access your private key if you'd like to transfer your tokens to a 3rd party wallet.

Why does the DIMO in-app wallet have limited functionality?

We designed the DIMO in app wallet for users to have a seamless experience connecting their vehicles to DIMO. In doing so we have limited the functionality of this wallet to only signing transactions inside of our mobile app and receiving their rewards for participating in the network. 

If you would like to have the functionality of a “normal” wallet, you can export the Private Key for your in-app address into an external wallet. Once this has been completed, you are free to use this address in any way that you see fit.

Written by: Chad Kahn Growth Manager

With 8 years of experience marketing web2 IoT hardware and marketplace tech, Chad brings a different perspective when connecting to DIMO's web3 user base. Focusing on utility and practical use cases, Chad is focusing on written and visual content to help bridge the divide, marketing DIMO's new cutting edge technology to the average car owner.

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