What guides us

By operating transparently and handing over control to users, DIMO becomes a more compelling, more equitable, and more effective platform for users, app developers, and data consumers.

Technology should be controlled by the people who use it and the people it impacts.
Transparency and accountability are core to the way DIMO will be built and operated.
We’re building this platform to minimize unnecessary centralization and to always maintain the trust of the community.
Centralized data collection and decentralized data storage
Decentralized data collection and identity
Functional NFTs, direct OEM integration, and centralized data unions
Web3 credentials and decentralized data unions
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Allyson English
Software Engineer
Shaolin Funktastic
Community Manager
Daniel Farrell
Aaron Marz
Rob Solomon
James Reátegui
Dylan Moreland
Alex Rawitz
Marisa Zelip
Chief of Staff
Kacy Qua
Lorran Sutter
Diego Moro
Financial Analyst
Andy Chatham
Ben Kochanowski
Yevgeny Khessin
...and is backed by
Jonathan Levin
Founder and CSO, Chainalysis
Kiran Bhatraju
CEO, Arcadia
Jake Chervinsky
Executive Vice President & Head of Policy, Blockchain Association
Mason Borda
CEO, Tokensoft
Sam Teller
Investor, Valor
Michael Sena
Founder and CEO, 3Box Labs
Ben Jacobs
Managing Partner, Scenius Capital
Ro Gupta
CEO, Carmera
Austin Green
Cofounder, Llama Community
Rick Wagoner
Former CEO, GM
Trevor McFedries
Founder, Brud & FWB
Amir Haleem
Cofounder and CEO, Helium
Mark Joseph
CEO, Mobitas Advisors & Former CEO Transdev North America
Zach Ware
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