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DIMO Macaron Mapping Challenge

May 2, 2024

Since the launch of the network, DIMO users have had the opportunity to earn reward boosts from service providers like CoverageCritic, and completed over 16,000 successful marketplace transactions with Tenet, RepairPal, Marble, Vehicle Genius, and more. This has helped users save over $30,000 and earn over 115,000 $DIMO in rewards.

Now it’s time for something special just for the Macaron drivers.

The DIMO developer platform is in alpha availability, which means anyone can build games on top of vehicle data with more complex incentives, and the ability to monitor completion of tasks. 

So Moken did: DIMO is announcing a competition for Macaron device owners who participate in a digital treasure hunt to map out their city and state on the Helium IoT network.

The Macaron Mapping Challenge: A Digital Treasure Hunt

Here's How It Works

To qualify, all you need to do is own a Macaron hardware device and connect a vehicle. The contest will run from May 19 to June 30, and anyone who drives and connects to ten Helium hotspots will be entered.

The DePIN diehards at Moken have graciously offered to host the leaderboards, which will start with a live ranking of which DeviceIDs have mapped the most total hotspots worldwide. Additionally, there will be sub-leaderboards tracking the drivers that have connected to the most hotspots on the state and city level.

Participants stand a chance to earn $DIMO rewards through their active participation in mapping Helium IoT hotspots across the US. This is reflected on a leaderboard that is maintained by Moken and linked out to from the DIMO Mobile marketplace.

Each time a qualified participant connects to a uniquely new hotspot, like Jumpy Mauve Peacock or Big Infrared Eagle, they’ll move up the leaderboard and increase their chances of earning $DIMO at the end of the challenge.

How will DIMO Rewards be distributed?

Once you drive around and ping a hotspot, you’re automatically entered into a digital treasure hunt for up to 350,000 $DIMO, plus exclusive contest badges.

There will be three ways to win rewards:

  • The Global Leaderboard

    • Across all geographies, there will be a global leaderboard that rewards $DIMO to the top mappers.

  • The Governor Award
    • The top mapper in each valid state (or international equivalent) will be deemed the “Governor” of that area, and will earn a DIMO reward weighted based on the amount of cars in the region.
  • The Mayor Award
    • The top mapper in each valid metro area will be deemed the “Mayor” of that area, and will earn a DIMO reward weighted based on the amount of cars in the metropolitan area.

Where can I see hotspots around me?

Check the Moken explorer to find hotspots like Jumpy Mauve Peacock or Big Infrared Eagle. Staying tuned to the data is the best way to move up the leaderboard and increase your chances of earning a chunk of the rewards at the conclusion of the contest.

Other Challenge Rules

  • Users must engage with a minimum of 10 hotspots to qualify, and multiple DIMO devices need to engage with a hotspot for it to qualify.

  • Once the contest is completed, rewards will be distributed to the top mappers based on the number of valid hotspots they validate along with at least one other DIMO user.

  • The contest will be running in the US, EU, and Canada. Please refer to the map to see a list of geographic areas approved for the mayor and governor competitions.

DIMO Developer Platform: The Future of Connected Vehicle Apps

This mapping challenge is just one of many apps that are starting to pop up on top of DIMO. Not only can anyone deploy games, ride hailing apps, or other real-world-incentive programs on DIMO, but in many cases there is funding available via DIMO Ignite to help these projects get built.

Pick up a Device to Get Started

DriveDIMO’s hardware inventory has just been restocked and a fresh batch of devices are shipping in May. There’s never been a better time to pick up a Macaron. Snag a hardware device to turn your car into an intelligent companion leveraging the Helium IoT network to become the master of your vehicle’s driving data.

To chat with other drivers competing for the top spots, head over to the DIMO Discord server and join the #🏆moken-contest channel.

See you out on the road, and happy hotspot hunting.

Written by: Joe Bender Growth Marketer

Joe Bender is on the Growth team at DIMO and has spent 7 years in the web3 ecosystem. He gets excited by the idea of using decentralized networks to empower the end user, and loves checking the battery voltage on his aging 2008 Honda CR-V. Before DIMO, Joe spent 3 years at ConsenSys nurturing the early Ethereum ecosystem, and 3 years at Stacks helping to kickstart web3 on Bitcoin. He loves how blockchain has inspired a wave of digital creation, and some of his favorite NFTs are Chromie Squiggles, Cryptopunks, and Geometry Runners

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